ACS: Insures everbody everywhere in the world

ACS, backed up by its highly motivated team of insurance professionals, has developed over the past 30 years, specializing in the design and management of programs for people who travel.

The various covers ensure carefree travel for those who are outside their country of origin for periods of varying lengths. The programs provide full coverage to those outside their country of origin, whether they are travelling for just a few days or are expatriates living abroad for several years.


From students to diplomats

To begin with ACS offered its covers to foreign students studying in France. These covers were then completed by insurance for French students who were leaving to study abroad; then the covers extended to international trainees and researchers, diplomats and now they include all those who travel or reside outside their country of origin.

In 2002 ACS completed its expansion with the takeover of the company Holder, a specialist in insurance for diplomats.


From travellers to expatriates

The covers proposed by ACS target different types of people :

  • Travellers who go abroad for holidays, study courses or business as well as students, trainees and researchers.
  • ACS programs for longer periods are designed for national and international expatriates and diplomats who make up a large part of the customer base.

The covers are taken out in the form of a personal policy or a group policy through the intermediary of companies, schools, embassies, or international bodies.


Efficient management

ACS has specially selected the covers included in its insurance programs and updates them taking into account its daily experience out in the field.

ACS directly manages contract applications and the refund of costs having received extensive delegation of authority from companies. This ensures a reactive service and efficient solutions along with the individual management of each customer.


AMI (Association for International Mobility)

ACS manages group insurance policies with optional membership, concluded by AMI with insurance companies which are in charge of carrying the risk.

AMI is located at 153, rue de l’Université 75007 PARIS. Its role is to allow its members to benefit from health insurance contracts at the best prices. A membership fee is paid annually to AMI by its members.

ACS does not receive any remuneration from AMI.


A full range of covers

Each contract has its own covers. For instance, expatriates can benefit from the covers listed below. The majority of these can be taken out individually :

  • Medical costs: These are covered on the basis of the real costs incurred or according to the Sécurité Sociale French health insurance rates. Refunds are from the 1 st euro or additional to a basic social welfare cover. Hospitalisation costs are taken over directly so that the Insured does not have to advance large sums. The request is made to the Assistance Centre where a polyglot team is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to assist you.
  • Various assistance covers, including repatriation
  • Death Insurance
  • Disability pension
  • Daily benefits in the case of absence from work due to illness or an accident
  • Family legal liability insurance

Custom solutions are offered for group contracts and personalized covers can be added according to each customer's specific needs.

In addition to these covers ACS also proposes other insurance contracts such as Automobile and Householder's Comprehensive insurance.


Recognized partners

The proposed covers are taken out with major French companies :

  • Allianz, an international company that employs 34 000 people around the world and generates a turnover of 18 billion euros.
  • Assistance is ensured by MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE, a 100% subsidiary of GROUPAMA. It deals with 220 000 files per year, has 250 employees and records a turnover of 32.8 million euros.


Diversified distribution channels

Policy applications can be made via 3 different channels :

  • through the head office where all group contracts, in particular, are analyzed so that custom solutions can be offered,
  • via the Web site, through which a constantly increasing number of policy applications are made,
  • and, finally, through national and international brokers that offer these covers to their compatriots.