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The insurance to study and travel everywhere in the world

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This plan covers :

  • Up to 12 months
  • Travels and studies all over the world
  • Travelers of all nationalities under 40 years old

Our assets :

  • Valid worldwide
  • Complete benefits
  • Excellent value for money
  • Online and secure subscription
  • Receive your certificate in just a few minutes
  • Subscription after departure possible

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Health and assistance benefits

Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Maximum benefit per person and per year €300 000
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Surgery and hospitalisation
A simple telephone call to engage
100% of actual expenses
Consultations, pharmacy, x-ray analysis, paramedic care 100% of actual expenses
Emergency dental treatment 100% up to €300
Dental treatment following an accident 100% up to €600
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Medical transport 100% of actual expenses
Repatriation 100% of actual expenses
Presence of a relative if hospitalised for more than 7 days Outward/return ticket + €80 / per night 
( max. 8 hotel nights )
Early return following the death of a member of the immediate family Return ticket – actual costs
Extension of stay for medical reasons Inbound ticket + €80 per night (max 15 nights)
Dispatch of essential medicines which cannot be found on site 100% of actual expenses
Forwarding of urgent messages 100% of actual expenses
Search costs 100% up to €3 000
Advance of funds in cases of theft up to € 700
Legal assistance up to €3 000
Advance on bail money up to €7 000
Transport of body in cases of death 100% of actual expenses (funeral expenses limited to €1500)
Damages caused to others during the trip and stay Maximum reimbursement
Personal injury €4 500 000
Damage to property and consequential losses therefrom €450 000
Objects entrusted during a period of traineeship €11 500
Deductible for the three guarantees €100 per file and per claim
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Lump sum non-accidental death €1 000
Lump sum accidental death €8 000
Permanent disability benefit further to an accident €30 000
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
During the outward / return journey €1 150

Pricing based on your destination and trip duration

To offer you the best benefits with the best quality-price ratio, Globe Partner pricing is based on your residence zone, destination zone(s), and trip duration.

To obtain a personalized and free quote, please click here

Below you will find some examples*:

Photographer on safari in Kenya for 15 days € 28.10
Cyclist on a road trip through Europe for 3 weeks € 37.40
Tourist in Southeast Asia for 6 weeks € 65.50
Student on a 2-month language stay in the United Kingdom € 74.80
Round the world traveller in Latin America for 3 months €112.20
Trainee in the United States for a 6-month internship €224.40
* Rates for a departure from the European Union.

How to subscribe Globe Partner travel insurance ?

Subscribe online in just a few minute

  • Your insurance certificate is available in a few minutes when subscribing online
  • The insurance Globe Partner must be subscribed before leaving on trip

Main Benefits

  • International coverage : you are protected in every country you visit during your trip (outside your home country)
  • Emergency hotline available 24/7 in all main languages
  • Health insurance: immediate coverage of hospitalization expenses. No need for you to advance the medical fees
  • Health insurance: in case of bad health condition during your journey, we make the arrangements for you to be transferred to the most suitable medical center
  • Repatriation insurance coverage: if necessary we organize your repatriation to your home country
  • Fast reimbursements everywhere in the world and in more than 100 different currencies
  • Personal civil liability insurance included
  • Globe Partner is the best value for money on the market

How to be reimbursed?


Please submit your claim directly online.


Please send your request by mail to:

ACS – Medical Service
To the attention of the Medical Advisor
153, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris – France

Every claim must include:

  • The completed claim form
  • All medical documents in your possession (prescriptions, medical reports, reports, etc.)
  • All the supporting documents indicated on the form
  • The copy of your passport (identification page and arrival stamp)

For hospitalisation of more than 24 hours, you can activate your cover by calling our assistance platform available 24/7. You will find all the contact information in the insurance certificate you received when you subscribed to Globe Partner.

Subscription secured by our partners:

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  • Paypal
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