Partner with ACS, leading expatriate and travel insurance broker with more than 20 years of experience

We may work together in three different ways :

I - Occasional partnership :

  • From for contracts intended for students, and from for other contracts, you download the membership form corresponding to the selected product.
  • You send us by mail the membership form filled in, with the corresponding payment, and we send you your contract by return of post. Your commission is sent to you at the end of the month.
  • For the AMI contract, the payment has to be made in the amount of the first period of insurance, and the membership form has to be sent with the medical questionnaire filled in by your client. The insurance comes into effect after examination of the medical questionnaire by our medical service and the answer is forwarded to you by email.

II - Regular partnership :

This type of partnership may be chosen for all our products, except for the AMI contract which may only be subscribed in the scope of the type of partnership mentioned above.

  • If you regularly market the other insurance contracts that we propose, we allow you to conclude yourself the contracts from a page that we create for you in our professional area. This page is entirely dedicated to you, and allows you to issue the contracts yourself, and to follow the development of your production. You do not need to send us anything, we send you a monthly recapitulative invoice.

III - Privileged partnership :

This option concerns insurance firms which already have at their disposal a website intended for travellers and/or students.

We may increase the value added of your website in two different ways :

  • By creating a link from your website to ours: the subscriptions coming from your website are individualised, and you are automatically informed of new subscriptions via email. Corresponding commissions are paid to you monthly.
  • Or by integrating our subscription engine and our system of payment to the graphic charter of your website. Thus your clients subscribe to the contracts on your own website without getting the impression of leaving it. You do not loose the visitor and you do not need to undergo any modification. These sales online do not require you to perform any task, except the task of following your own production on the web page which is dedicated to you on our professional area. Corresponding commissions are paid to you monthly.